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Women really get the short end of the stick as far as our modern American culture is concerned. Sure, we might have a lot of progress in recent decades, but we really haven’t gone that far. You only need to look at the whole slew of myths and misconceptions surrounding the concept of the lonely wife hookup to know what I mean. The most common reason guys would supply as to why women cheat is because they are emotionally needy.

This really is the most sexist explanation in the world. It brings to mind all sorts of negative stereotypes of women as essentially powerless, voiceless and dependent on men. The truth is if you look at the typical demographic of housewives that cheat, there is very little emotional neediness there. In fact, highly educated professional women that cheat on their husbands are not emotionally needy at all. The reason why they need to engage in extramarital affairs is based on a completely different set of considerations. You might want to pay attention to the following.

Many women cheat because they feel powerful

You have to understand that the big threat to modern American society is this lingering feeling which grows year after year that we are not really in control or have much power over our lives. We feel that a lot of the things that happen in our lives and the way our lives turn out are determined by other people. This is why other people have no problems blaming other for the things that go wrong with their life. It’s very easy to blame. It’s very easy to fall back on pointing a finger on situations at people outside of your control. This all really goes back to the sense that the tremendous amount of power and possibility that you used to have as a little kid no longer exists. It seems that the older you get, the more money you make, the more educated you become, the less powerful you feel. There are many ways, of course, to deal with this sense of powerlessness but many lonely wives who cheat feel the only way to deal with this is to confront it head on. They confront it with sexual power. They feel that since being forced by society to have sex with only one person is a form of control, they can buck this control by turning it on its head. In other words, by having sex with many different guys who are not their husband, they are able to regain a sense of power and personal volition. This leads to a sense of feeling of control.

They want to feel in control

When you pull a trigger on a gun, you feel like you’re in control. That’s the bottom line. The same way you pull a trigger on having sex with somebody who is not your spouse, you feel in control. The reason why you feel in control is this is a direct decision that you can see direct impact from. We make all sorts of decisions every day, but in many cases the consequences of those decisions are long into the future. We often feel that the decisions we make don’t really count so much. As a result, we don’t really feel in control with our daily decisions. When you choose to cheat on the other hand you can see the consequences, you can see the immediate pleasure, you can see the sense of danger and there is some sort of thrill that’s generated. It can be quite intoxicating to a lot of women who are looking for the lonely wife hookup.

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