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Posted By Admin on 12/30/18 - Bookmark My Friends Hot Mom Discount

We all have a fun secret or two that we want to announce to the world, but for various reasons can’t. I’m fortunate that I can blog without the people in my life having any idea it’s me. Today, I am going to use that anonymity to confess to something that happened a few years ago. I know I should feel bad about it, but it still delights me.

My then-girlfriend (now my fiance) was staying with her mom for a couple of weeks and using her mom’s computer. She was a 7 hour drive from where I was living and we missed each other. So we had some naughty cam and sex chat time. One night, it was pretty late and I couldn’t sleep. I decided to see if I could get her online. She didn’t respond to my text, but she did show as online so I started messaging with her.

I could tell something was off because she was being way sexier with what she was typing than usual and using far less emojis. I was rock hard and telling her I wanted to see her while I jerked off. I asked her to turn on her cam. Things went silent for a few minutes. Then the cam came on and there was a great set of tits in view but no face. I knew it wasn’t her but I was too turned on to question it. So I jerked off on cam being watched by this faceless woman with gorgeous boobs that she was playing with for me. I finally figured out it was her mom. We’ve never talked about it and it never repeated. I’ll never forget it.

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Posted By Admin on 12/22/18 - Bookmark My Friends Hot Mom Discount

Nothing ever seems to go right for me. Just when I think I’m onto a winner something always happens that brings me back down to earth. I have zero luck with the ladies and even on the odd chance that I do meet one, the second that she knows what a loser I am she is out the door never to return.

I just want a woman that can accept me for me, is that so hard to understand? I’m lucky to at least have one good friend, a friend that is actually looking out for me. In fact, he is the one that showed me how to Meet UK Slags that will fuck on the first date.

This has really changed me as a person and as a man. Not only is it awesome getting pussy whenever my cock feels like it, but this is also giving my confidence a major boost. I feel like I can take on the world now, or at the very least I can talk to women and not be a bumbling mess. If you guys need a little something to get you going, maybe you should take my advice and try this out for yourself.

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Posted By Admin on 12/04/18 - Bookmark My Friends Hot Mom Discount

I think everyone had a friend with a hot mom. Maybe she was the fitness mom type; you would catch her jogging in a sports bra and skin-tight spandex showing off her flat tummy and firm ass. Perhaps she was the PTA mom, who always showed so much interest in you and all of your friends, the type of mom who had snacks ready and always gave you a hug before you left, pressing her soft tits against your young chest. Some may have had the cool mom crush. The woman who was usually surrounded by a cloud of cigarette smoke and smelled of cheap wine. She wore too much makeup and showed a lot of leg and cleavage. I personally was lucky enough to have all three.

Every single mom in my friend group was completely fuckable, and maybe that’s why I have always preferred MILFs. Forget those teen sluts, these mature women know what they’re doing. That’s evidenced by the way they made my cock stand up straight every time they walked into a room; as if my penis was dying to say hello. I never did fuck any of them, because they weren’t as perverted and horny as these hot moms, not outside of my rigorous masturbatory sessions, but now I can relive my life long fantasy for 60% off with a Perv Mom discount!

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